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Nuke to Fusion Quick Transition Guide

The fastest way to take your Nuke skills with you to Fusion

Blackmagic Design’s Fusion is a compelling offer at only $299 for the full Studio version. Its feature list checks all the boxes: 3D tracking, keying, rotoscoping, node-based compositing. And it’s very similar to the current industry-standard package, Nuke. And yet it’s different enough to throw a Nuke artist for a loop as they try to make the transition. What to do?

Well, here at moviola.com–provideocoalition.com’s partner site for learning–we’ve put together a Nuke to Fusion transition guide, weighing in at just over 20 minutes. So you can spend countless frustrating hours wondering why your color looks all wrong…or you can watch our quick video guide and be up and comping shots before your first cup of coffee gets cold.

Best of all? It’s free. You don’t even need to sign up for a moviola.com account. (Although why wouldn’t you?)

Are you new to node-based compositing altogether? We have something for you too. Check out our guide to node-based compositing and general introduction to Fusion.

Nuke to Fusion

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