Music Maker: free DAW reaches 100,000 downloads

Since the introduction of the first free version, March this year, Music Maker music creation software has reached over 100,000 downloads.

Music Maker: free DAW reaches 100,000 downloads

Music Maker is not the most complete digital audio workstation or DAW, but it allows anyone to get started in digital music production for free.

Audio is an important part of movie making, but for someone starting to explore the potential of animated images with a soundtrack, commercial and professional products may be out of reach. Music Maker, from MAGIX, offers an entry-level version, completely free, that may represent the difference between having no soundtrack – or worst, stolen bits of audio to create a soundtrack – and having something that you can call yours. Photographers who create slideshows may also find in Music Maker a good solution to create the soundtracks for their digital slideshows.

Although there is free music available to use in productions, and we’ve published here at ProVideo Coalition, before, some suggestions, sometimes the soundtrack you have in mind is nowhere to be found, except inside your head. If you want to transform that idea into something material, Music Maker may be your starting point. Besides, the program also allows to edit and produce voice and sound effects, meaning you have everything you need under your fingertips.

The interest the program caused is obvious. In just a few months, Music Maker has reached over 100,000 downloads, meaning there is a whole universe of new beat producers out there. This digital music-making software on the PC platform celebrates more than 20 years with a version providing a wide range of the tools needed to record, produce, and share music.

Based on a modular design and an intuitive workflow, Music Maker makes it easy to record, arrange, mix, produce and share your music. Record external instruments and vocals, add and arrange loop-based musical elements, record and playback MIDI information, mix, produce, and then publish the finished product.  The modern user interface with its drag & drop workflow make music creation easy and fun. A complement of professional music creation tools amp up production quality and inspire creativity.

Music Maker: free DAW reaches 100,000 downloads

The free full-featured version of Music Maker comes with 425 sounds and loops, 3 instruments, and 8 effects. It’s easy to add more sounds and instruments to the collection with just a few clicks. Integrated sounds, loops, and instruments offer unlimited possibilities for creativity and experimentation with complete control over all production aspects of any genre, from EDM and trap to rock and pop. The possibilities are endless.

“Music Maker has always enabled music lovers to get creative and win audiences over by producing their own songs in authentic studio quality. Now, with the free version of Music Maker, anyone and everyone can get started in the world of music production, develop or evolve their skills and make their musical dreams a reality.”, Torsten Heise, MAGIX Product Owner and Music Maker.

The free version of Music Maker serves MAGIX as an introduction to the commercial products, which you’ll find on the website: the Plus, Live and Premium Edition. Find out more and download Music Maker on the MAGIX website. The program runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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