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The rapidly expanding library of training for filmmakers is now available to everyone without cost.

Moviola’s extensive library of training for filmmakers is now completely free. Gain access to the entire moviola.com catalog of comprehensive film studies training videos covering the gamut from screenwriting through preproduction, production, post and delivery.

For those new to moviola.com the acclaimed video-based training focuses on delivering the most important information in the shortest possible time. It’s perfect for working professionals without a minute to waste, along those of us afflicted with a YouTube-sized attention span.

Why is it free? Straight from the mouth of Moviola CEO, Randy Paskal:

We at Moviola are so excited to be celebrating our 99th year in business.  We thought that with age comes experience, and we wanted to share some of the things we have learned during almost a century of filmmaking in Hollywood!  So our gift to the vast community of filmmakers is to provide moviola.com for free as a way to pay forward our good fortune during the past 99 years!  Years ago apprenticeship was the defacto form of learning, so think of this as our way of continuing that age old tradition.  We are all in this together and hope moviola.com can play a part in your lifelong journey as a filmmaker!

There’s no need even to sign up. Visit the site today to access:

Fundamental course content

The essentials on any given topic–cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, visual effects, and more–in concise, bite-sized lessons that you can watch in the space of a coffee break. In fact there’s even a complete film studies course provided on the site based around that very idea: Coffee Break Film School (CBFS). You can access it at the bottom of the Fundamentals menu.

Survival Guides

Got 8-10 hours to spend learning a new software application? Neither did we, so we created our Survival Guides: everything you need to know to get up and running with an application in 30 minutes or less. Not everything you’ll ever want to know of course, but enough to get you up an doing the tasks you need to get done. (The rest you can pick up in the help docs.)


As great as all the moviola.com content is, there are other people out there on the web creating great training too. The tricky part is figuring out which of the 200 search results show you something useful and which are made by a 13 year old with a webcam and nothing better to do with their Saturday morning.

The Techniques section of moviola.com contains a fully curated selection of the “best of the rest.” We’ve hand-picked the content on sites like YouTube and Vimeo that actually contain accurate and helpful techniques for filmmakers. (Yes, we watched the hours of non meme-worthy video so that you didn’t have to).

Visual Glossary of Terms

Filmmaking covers such a wide array of disciplines that it would be impossible for one individual to understand every single obscure term that’s thrown out there. That’s why we created the Visual Glossary of Terms: a comprehensive list of industry jargon explained using helpful animations. Next time you’re on set and someone asks you for a lunch box or a pony clamp be sure to have moviola.com cued up on your phone to help translate.


Pro Video Coalition’s webinars cover just about every topic under the sun. Where do those webinars go when they disappear off the news feed? Right into the webinar section at moviola.com. Access hundreds of webinars on a myriad of topics all fully searchable on the moviola site.

More to come

Moviola continues to grow the available content on the site. The new previsualization course is testament to that. Our previs course is unparalleled; a comprehensive guide to previsualizing your next film project without forking out half your budget to animators and storyboard artists, and without needing to learn sophisticated 3D content creation packages like Autodesk Maya.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll be adding even more industry-leading content, revealing how to create million dollar effects using free software by companies like Blackmagic Design, and on-set secrets of the Hollywood pros. So stay tuned…

Head to moviola.com now!

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