Matthew Jeppsen - DP Notes

Matt Jeppsen is a working DP with over a decade of experience in commercials, music videos, and documentary films. You can view Matt’s cinematography reel and contact info at and editorial ethics statement at

How To Setup and Configure the Brevis 35mm Adapter

The advent of affordable 35mm Lens Adapter systems have brought a new level of creative control to digital filmmakers. With that comes a new level of complexity…lens adapters…

FreshDV Follow Focus System Reviews

FreshDV’s full review of five popular follow focus units was first printed in the October 2007 issue of DV Magazine. It included reviews of the Chrosziel, Cinetech, Redrock…

Nikon lens tests with the SGPro 35mm adapter and HVX200

Matt Garrett and Bruce Allen recently conducted a series of Nikon lens tests with a SGPro 35mm adapter mounted to a Panasonic HVX-200. They tested the 17-35mm f…

35mm Adapter Shootout – Redrock Micro M2, Cinevate Brevis 35 and SGPRO

Accomplished shooter Phillip Bloom has shared a lengthy shootout review comparing three popular 35mm adapters; the Cinevate Brevis, SG PRO, and Redrock M2. Note that shootout isn’t entirely…

Free Flash Video Converter for Mac Users

Another great post over at Jake Ludington’s blog, how to use freely available ffmpegX to convert video files into Flash video for web use. He’s even…

35mm Lens Adapter Shootout – Cinevate Brevis vs Redrock M2

35mm camcorder lens adapters are a strange breed. Part science, part art, they allow a shooter to utilize SLR still image and high-end 35mm cinema lenses on a video…

Free After Effects Projects from Dean Velez

Dean Velez is offering free After Effects project files. Currently the list includes the following downloads: Water 7.0Fire 7.0NAB Class 7.0 – ParticlesNAB Class 7.0 &#8211…

Top 10 Final Cut Pro Tips and Tricks for Editors

The following are my Top 10 Final Cut Pro Tips, with many thanks to the talented guru’s over at the (now defunct) ProAppTips. These tips have either made…

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