Hasselblad H6D – 4k RAW From a Medium Format Sensor

Bigger than WEAPON full frame!


Hasselblad unveiled the H6D-100c 100mp medium format camera today and it’s the first camera from the company to feature video recording functionality, more specifically, 4k RAW recording from the full width of its giant sensor.  A full frame medium format sensor such as the one in the H6D-100c measures 53.4 × 40.0mm, where RED’s WEAPON 8k sensor measures 40.96mm x 21.6mm and a standard full frame 35mm sensor is 36mm x 24mm for comparison.

Since medium format is usually a realm reserved for stills photography, I made this quick diagram to underline the incredible size of this new CMOS sensor.


A medium format sensor is capable of delivering a very unique look so it’ll be interesting to see how people put this to use.  My gut feeling is that the video features will see the most usage from photographers who are looking to pull still frames from it.  Priced at roughly $32,000, it’s an expensive camera for one that will clearly have many limitations, since its primary usage is undoubtedly stills photography.

Key Video Specifications

There’s still a few unknowns about the video capabilities of this camera, but what we do know is this:

  • Clean HDMI output is available, but the signal is only HD
  • 16bit 4K UHD RAW is only available on the H6D-100c, not the cheaper 50-megapixel H6D-50c
  • HD RAW is only available on the H6D-100c, not the cheaper H6D-50c
  • H.264 is available in HD only
  • The camera uses SD and CFast, whilst not specifically mentioned, it’s assumed that the CFast slot would be needed for the 4k RAW
  • Hasselblad’s Phocus 3.0 software will convert their proprietary RAW format into Apple ProRes.
  • 3.5mm Audio input is included
  • Headphone output is included
  • Frame rate is listed as 30fps.  No word on 24/25…
  • Claimed 15-Stops of dynamic range
  • Sensor design is almost certainly SONY, and the same one used in the 100MP Phase One XF camera.

Major Discounts On 50mp H5D

The introduction of the H6D has seen the price of its predecessor, the H5D, fall dramatically.  The H5D doesn’t have video capabilities, but the $14,000 discount should raise some eyebrows amongst those that also include stills work in their routine.  The H5D-50c is a 50mp camera, the first Hasselblad to feature a CMOS sensor, and whilst I rarely use the work bargain for a camera that costs $14,500, this does in fact seem like one! An amazing camera for almost exactly 50% off.

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