Gotham Sounds’ SD CL-WiFi Hands-On

Gotham Sound fires up the Sound Devices CL-WiFi controller in-house. They like it, with a couple of caveats.


As discussed earlier, the delayed timecode display is acceptable to give you an idea of the approximate timecode. However, if anyone ever wants to use the CL-WiFi as a timecode slate, an offset must be programmed in to compensate for the apparent delay…

What would really knock this app out of the park is input controls: being able to control the gain and fader level. Add a VoIP protocol to forward your headphone bus to the iPad’s headphone jack and you have you have an all-in-one remote control solution. This would allow you to stash your recorder and completely control it from afar.

Pretty stealth, if they can make that work. Not having used it, what I’d like to see is picture-in-picture, allowing live video monitoring along with your levels, all on a tablet. You would essentially have one screen on the cart, with all of the attendant info at a glance. Someone get me an app, stat!



John Tumaque

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