Gekko to introduce lenslite D-SLR mount at IBC2011

Gekko Technology, a world leader in LED-based lighting systems for television and film production, announces a new D-SLR mount for its established and successful lenslite. The D-SLR mount allows direct attachment of the lenslite lamphead to Canon 5D, 7D and Nikon D3 cameras. Fixing directly to the base of the camera via the tripod screw, the mount secures 15 millimetre bars which hold the lamphead on axis around the lens. The base of the mount has an additional fixing so the camera/lenslite combination can still be mounted on a tripod, but with the centre of gravity moved forward for stability.


The new accessory brings to the D-SLR world all the benefits that lenslite provides as a colour-stable and robust professional ring-light.

“D-SLR cameras such as the Canon 5D have become very popular tools for video content acquisition and look likely to remain so given their versatility,” comments Gekko Technology founder and Managing Director David Amphlett. “The new lenslite D-SLR mount provides all the benefits of a high-quality solid-state fixture that was once only the domain of much larger professional cameras.”

Designed for studio or location production, and with a colour temperature of 5600 kelvin, lenslite delivers 260 foot candles of intensity at a distance of 3 feet. Being a ring-light, it is ideal both as a primary light source or as soft fill.

Gekko Technology’s lenslite can be operated via any 12 volt to 40 volt power source, as generically found within broadcast environments. Accessories include filter stages, gel holder, gel cutting template, adjustable French flag, wireless or cabled dimmers and a remote DMX interface.

About Gekko Technology

Established in 2004, Gekko Technology ( produces versatile, robust and efficient white and colour-tunable LED-based luminaires for broadcast and film lighting. Intelligent design, combined with high-quality components, ensures accurate, consistent and precisely-controllable colour output. Film credits include Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Death Defying Acts, Mamma Mia!, Golden Compass, Star Trek, Desperate Housewives and Date Night. Studio lighting credits include the Jeff Randall Live show on Sky News and Sky’s Ryder Cup coverage.

Gekko products are covered by the following patents and registered designs with other patents pending: EU Design No. 385356, EU Design No. 582184, UK Patents GB 2 412 960, GB 2 412 961, GB 2 434 198, US Patents US 7290893, US 7303308, US 7690801, US D552272.

lenslite is a registered trademark of Gekko Technology Ltd.

The accompanying 300 DPI JPEG image shows the Gekko Technology lenslite on a Canon D-SLR camera.

PVC News Staff

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