Gary Adcock is a technology-driven synergist in acquisition, editing and delivery of the advanced workflows required for Media and Entertainment. A Technologist in defense and manufacturing, as well as an established Executive Producer, Director and Cinematographer. Gary offers developmental insights into all aspects of our continually changing Pre-production, Post and Production marketplace while focusing on advancing cine product development, international branding and market penetration in Media and Entertainment.

You can reach Gary on Twitter at @garyadcock or via his blog at

The Wireless Camera: Color and Control

The Wireless Camera: Color and Control

As production advances faster and faster towards the future, maintaining control and continuity of your image on set and in post is essential. Live color grading and advanced image management…

ProRes: A Closer Look

The largest issue in post production is maintaining the highest quality for compositing, graphics, effects and delivery; whether that content is used in broadcast, theatrical or direct to DVD release…