Free course for June: EQ Fundamentals

A practical breakdown of solving audio problems via EQ

Equalization is to sound engineers what color is to colorists. To many editors however, messing with EQ just seems to make things worse.

Fret no longer:’s free course in the month of June is all about equalization. You’ll learn what it is, how to adjust it using a parametric equalizer (built in to almost all NLE’s these days), and some specific tricks like equalizing different clips to help your dialog stand out.

Now even if you send all your audio to an audio post house for sweetening, there will always be that one project with a horribly nasal recording that has to go straight to delivery. Understanding EQ could save both your ears and the ears of your audience.

Follow this link to watch the videos. And while you’re there, sign up for a free 14 day trial of everything that has to offer, including the second course on EQ. (There’s a five minute tour available from the dashboard when you log in.)

About is a resource dedicated to the art of filmmaking and only filmmaking. It covers every aspect from pre-production to final delivery. Its Coffee Break Film School focuses on core competencies, while other features like the Glossary of Terms and Compendium provide a visual reference library for understanding specific techniques and industry jargon.

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