Free course for July: Writing dialogue

Learn the secret to (hyper)realistic dialogue

Movie and TV characters don’t talk like us; they’re much more interesting. Our conversations are filled with gems like, “Did you see that thing last night on TV about the thing?” Their conversations are filled with, “You had me at ‘Hello’.”

Writing dialogue well is something few novice screenwriters understand. It requires an articulated sense of subtext, the ability to step into personalities alien to the writer, and the ability to compress as much meaning as possible into a handful of words.

This month’s free course from leans heavily on the works of Robert McKee and Blake Snyder to bring you the keys to creating convincing and poignant screen dialogue. Topics covered include matching dialogue to personality, writing from emotional memory, and backloading.

Follow this link to watch the videos. And while you’re there, sign up for a free 14 day trial of everything that has to offer, including the full set of courses on screenwriting. (There’s a five minute tour available from the dashboard when you log in.)












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