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Fix a broken X-Particles cache

Learn how to fix a broken X-Particles Cache when copy and pasting it into another project.

Fix Broken X-Particles Cache

Fix Broken X-Particles Cache

Many users have experienced this issue time and time again. You’ve spent a fair amount of time caching an X-Particles sim for your project. Being the organized person that you are, you’ve done iterations in separate project files to keep things clean and tidy. Now that you’ve got what you wanted, you decided to merge your chosen result into your master Cinema4D project file. The alternative to this is another artist giving you a build and you are trying to merge it with yours.

Upon copying the xpSystem and pasting it into the new project, you were suddenly faced with particles flying all about. Your cache tags have all turned green in an attempt to challenge your already worn patience in this eleventh hour while your deadline looms ever so closer.

Why? Why has the cache broken itself? You check the cache path, and it’s correct. You check the cache tags and they are all pointing to the correct cache object, yet no cache is being loaded up. You proceed to check every other possibility as to why this may be happening. Each attempt mounting the frustration in you because you do not want to cache the particles all over again.

Well, this is the scenario that I use to do my best to absolutely avoid, but would inevitably encounter from time to time. It was so infuriating to deal with. Until a good friend and co-worker of mine, Roy Cullen (another talented X-Particles user) showed me his solution one day. A solution that I just shared with another artist just recently and reminded me that this is probably something that other X-Particle users may be interested in knowing.

Learn how to fix a broken X-Particles cache in this video tutorial.

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Hi David, I’m experiencing the same problem. What I did was delete the cache object; load in a new one and point it to the path. Your method is actually better because it retains any playback or other settings you have. Thanks! – they need to fix this… Now that we’re discussing bugs… here’s another thing: Do you know if it’s possible to scale your cache object? It seems like such a basic function but it is not working. It would be so nice to sim something in one scene and bring it into your master scene…massage and tweak it… Read more »


Thank you so much for the tip David! I had been Googling for a while now and I couldn’t believe that no one was talking about this bug. You’d think it would come up a lot on C4D/XP forums. I’m on XP’s latest release and the bug is still happening. So incredibly weird. I code for a living and it feels like this is the type of bug that’d be so easy to solve, but I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and say it’s not. Who knows. Anyhow, thanks a ton!

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