First U.S. based shoot with the EOS C700

Canon U.S.A. has produced a EOS C700 demo project in collaboration with Director of Photography Russell Carpenter, ASC and Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford as Director.

First U.S. based shot with the EOS C700

Still “untitled”, the final film will be screened on November 3 at the ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood, California. During the filming the crew had the opportunity to test the Canon EOS C700 Digital Cinema Camera in different situations.

The EOS C700 is a camera available in two versions: EOS C700 and EOS C700 PL, which are currently expected to go on sale in December 2016, while the EOS C700 GS PL is currently expected to go on sale in January 2017. Dual Pixel CMOS AF or Global Shutter, 15 stops dynamic range, recording high bitrate 4K files internally, supporting both XF-AVC and ProRes formats, while simultaneously recording 4K RAW files to an external recorder, are some of the features of the new camera.

The videos available now from Canon show different moments of the first U.S. based shoot with the camera at different locations and covering different activities. Together on set are Canon’s Brent Ramsey, Cinematographer Russell Carpenter, ASC and Canon Explorer Of Light Tyler Stableford, with a large crew.

The project was a creative collaboration produced by Canon U.S.A. to showcase the unique features, high image quality and superb color science of the new flagship EOS C700 Digital Cinema Camera.  The final film will be screened on November 3 at the ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood, California.

Although the film, still in its final stages of production, remains “untitled,” Canon is very excited to share a sneak peek and behind-the-scenes videos from the set of the film. These exclusive videos that explore how they tested the camera in low light, took it through extreme levels of dynamic range and even showed its versatility of use on a rock climbing expedition can be now viewed on the Cinema EOS C700 Vimeo channel.

Additionally, Tyler Stableford, who will be present at PhotoPlus to talk about his experience with photography and video, recently posted a blog about his experience shooting the camera.

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