Wiebetech RTX 400-QR

If you’re like me, you have a lot of external hard drives on your desk. Some are there to back up others. And it’s a messy…

I almost lost my head. Literally!

I’ve been hit a few times while shooting extreme sports. Some have knocked me on my butt, some have ruined cameras. I used to joke that my middle…

Wedging my head between a rock and a hard place

Getting the shot you want isn’t always easy. I’m working on a few war stories to illustrate that, including this one. I wanted to create an…


I drive a lot. A LOT. Often on my way to shoots, meetings, the airport. I keep a TON of good podcasts on my iPod, many are photo-related. Some…

A Bunch of Fun Stuff I Found At PMA

I had a couple of days open and decided to head to Las Vegas to see some of the newest photo goodies for myself. I found a huge variety of…

Photography – How Hard Can It Be?

If you’re good at what you do, you make it look easy. I’ve been shooting for 20+ years, and have gotten really good at creating good…

What the heck is wrong with the social networks?

The social networks all have a “Terms of Service” that you have to agree with. Read carefully. I just read on another website that Facebook changed their TOS…

Two new plugins from Image Trends that make life easier

Image Trends, Inc. produces plugins for a variety of Photoshop needs. The two here are for whitening teeth and eyes, and for removing shine from skin. It’s taken…

How to shoot winter sports and not die in the process

Shooting winter sports is fun, especially if you’re prepared. I’ve compiled a few tips to keep you warm, dry and creatively capturing the action in some…

My Favorite Cart

I’ve used a lot of carts over the years to transport my gear from my truck to the location. I finally found one that handles it all better…

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