Behind The Scenes: Courtenay Semel Shoot

I recently photographed Courtenay Semel for Curve Magazine. The magazine interviewed her for the next issue, and they hired me to shoot the cover and inside spread. Courtenay had never…

ContourHD Helmet Cam

As a photographer, motion photography interests and fascinates me as a medium as much as still photography. Small, easily mounted cameras make camera-mounted images so much easier. I&#8217…

How To: DIY Sound Blimp For Under $150

A sound blimp is the perfect thing for shooting in virtual silence on movie and TV sets, PGA games, anyplace where you need silence. You can rent or buy the…

The Importance of Attending Trade Shows

I’m just finished with Interbike, the big bicycle trade show in Las Vegas. I try to go every year to catch up with industry friends and keep in…

My X Games Podcast Interview

I’ve found a new podcast that I really enjoy. This one also interviewed me for the current interview on Adorama Camera’s site. Jack Howard is Adorama…

Covering the X Games: The good, the bad and the ugly

This year was X Games 15. I’ve been fortunate enough to cover a dozen of them, starting with the second year. I was recounting this with Chris Stiepock…

New Nikon Rumor Causes a Stir

These are all rumors, though they do seem credible and/or possible. They come from Czecch forum Grafika On-Line, supposedly from the UK from an anonymous source at a…

Behind the Scenes: Clementine Ford Shoot

I recently photographed actress Clementine Ford (“The L Word”, “The Young and the Restless”, also Cybill Shepherd’s daughter) for Curve magazine. I love working…

Photo Editors, Art Directors, and balls.

I’ve worked with a lot of photo editors and art directors over the years. Some I’ve been with for ages, others use me a few times…

Wiebetech RTX 400-QR

If you’re like me, you have a lot of external hard drives on your desk. Some are there to back up others. And it’s a messy…

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