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Supercharge Your Edit with SpeedScriber

August 22, 2017 @ 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM PDT

Transcripts of footage can be hugely useful in post-production but creating them has traditionally been a time-consuming and often costly process.

In this webinar, Martin Baker shows how SpeedScriber makes fast, affordable and high-accuracy transcripts a reality and the benefits it can bring to your production.

  • Importing and submitting files for transcription
  • Editing transcripts
  • Exporting transcripts to PDF, text and SRT formats.
  • Round-tripping clips between Final Cut Pro X and SpeedScriber
  • Using transcripts to assist editing in Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro and Avid.


Martin Baker

Martin Baker started his post production career at the BBC at the time when the industry was transitioning from linear editing on 1” tape to digital formats and non-linear computer-based editing. During his 13 years as a broadcast editor, he specialized in short form and music performances as well as thousands of on-air promos.

In 2000, Martin set up Digital Heaven, an independent post production facility in West London and for the next six years worked on many more promos and was the senior editor on the iconic BBC music show, Top of the Pops. Martin chucked out the Avids in 2003 and successfully pioneered the use of Final Cut Pro for broadcast online editing.

In the same year, Digital Heaven expanded into software design and development for the post production industry, launching plug-ins for Final Cut Pro along with several standalone apps including the first multicamera editing solution for Final Cut Pro. SpeedScriber is the result of two years of design and development to bring automated transcription to the post production market.

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