Canon EOS C700 GS PL Cinema available July

Canon announced today that the flagship EOS C700 GS PL Cinema camera model featuring a global shutter sensor will be available July 2017.

Designed, according to Canon, to be the camera that so many cinematographers having been asking for from Canon, the EOS C700 GS PL Cinema is scheduled to enter the market this July, with a price of $38,000.

Announced September 2016 as a “next generation” model, the  EOS C700 Digital Cinema Camera is ideal for cinematographers looking to shoot high-speed subjects. Featuring a Super 35mm CMOS 4K sensor with a global shutter to enable the distortion-free capture of such moving subjects, the camera also features 14 stops of dynamic range and up to 4.2K resolution. The EOS C700 GS PL allows use of industry-standard PL lenses and compatibility with Cooke /i metadata communication technology.

Canon says that this model represents “the camera that so many cinematographers having been asking for from Canon and incorporates what Canon has learned through professional feedback over the last five years since the original Cinema EOS C300 was announced”. The EOS C700 GS PL joins the Canon EOS C700 EF and EOS C700 PL Digital Cinema Camera models currently available.

The EOS C700 family offers the option of two different sensor designs. The EOS C700 offers a 4.5K CMOS sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range. The standard sensor is offered in both PL and EF mounts. The EF mount version of the camera features Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology.

The EOS C700 GS PL features global shutter technology. Global shutter technology is helpful for sports, fast action, concerts and events where it eliminates “jello” and “flash band” artifacts.

The image on a global shutter sensor is captured simultaneously by every pixel on the sensor. Standard CMOS sensors capture the image by scanning the scene from top to bottom. Depending on the speed of the scan, the time delay between the scan of the first line and the last sometimes results in a “jello” effect where straight lines appear curved or wobble as the camera or subject moves. By capturing the entire image at once these artifacts are removed. The EOS C700 GS PL features 14 stops of dynamic range and does not offer Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

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