Adam Wilt

Adam Wilt has been working off and on in film and video for the past thirty years, while paying the bills writing software for animation, automation, broadcast graphics, and real-time control for companies including Abekas, Pinnacle, Omneon, CBS, and ABC. Since 1997 his website,, has been a popular reference for information on the DV formats. He reviewed cameras for DV Magazine and started its “Technical Difficulties” column, and taught classes and led panels at NAB, IBC, and DV Expo. He co-authored the book, “Optimizing Your Final Cut Pro System”, part of the Apple Pro Training series. He currently writes for and, and creates iPhone apps like Cine Meter II and FieldMonitor.

Whither The HVX200?

Whither The HVX200?

The PMW-EX1 is Sony’s answer to Panasonic’s HVX200: a variable-frame-rate, progressive-scan, multiformat HD camcorder using solid-state storage. The EX1 has higher…

review: Sony PMW-EX1 1/2″ 3-CMOS HD Camcorder

review: Sony PMW-EX1 1/2″ 3-CMOS HD Camcorder

The US$6500 (street price) Sony PMW-EX1 is a six-pound, high definition Handycam with three 1/2″ CMOS chips. It resolves a true 1920×1080 image…

DVMP – Windows-based DV25 utility

Colin Browell has released DVMP Pro 2, an update to his Windows utility for DV, DVCAM, and DVCPRO25 .AVI and .DV files. DVMP Pro 2 displays and edits the DV…

2008 FAA rules on battery transport

Effective 1 January 2008, lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries face new restrictions for carriage on a passenger aircraft. • Lithium batteries may not be placed in checked baggage unless…

2008 HPA Tech Retreat program posted

The 2008 Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat program is posted online at HPA Online. The Tech Retreat happens 19-22 February 2008 just south of Palm Springs, CA. Topics this…

PMW-EX1 Lens Fix

Carroll Lam over on has posted a PDF memo dated 15 December 2007 (reproduced below) in which Sony lays out their plans for fixing EX1s with asymmetrical, corner…

PBS’ “The News Hour” goes HD

As I type this, “The News Hour” on PBS is in the middle of their first HD broadcast. Now there’s as much detail in the picture…

Sony’s Mac SxS driver doesn’t play well with the Duel Systems Adapter

Sony distributes an SxS card driver with the PMW-EX1 camcorder. If you install it on your MacBook Pro running 10.4, you won’t be able to read…

P2 vs. SxS – an Unfair Comparison

P2 vs. SxS – an Unfair Comparison

One of the advantages Sony has been touting for SxS is a lower cost per bit than you’d get with Panasonic’s P2 cards. At B&#038…

Apple Pro Apps – Save Those Updaters!

A quick word of warning: if you see updates to Apple’s Pro Apps (Final Cut Studio, Aperture, and the like), download them and squirrel them away somewhere safe…

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