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Art of the Cut’s “Voices from Sundance” on editing “RBG”

ACE Eddie nominated editor Carla Guttierrez discusses editing the Oscar nominated film

In episode 3 of Art of the Cut’s “Voices from Sundance” series of podcasts, I spoke with Carla Guttierrez who edited the CNN Films documentary, “RBG” which was recently nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature, and Carla was nominated for this year’s ACE Eddies for Best Documentary Editing. She has been editing documentaries since 2005, including P.O.V and Independent Lens productions, Iraq For Sale, Chevela, and many others. “RBG” was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

This podcast was recorded after a panel discussion at Sundance and the crowd was quite lively. I hope the technical quality doesn’t distract you too much from the content of the interview.

Below the link for this podcast is a link to numerous clips from RGB from CNN Films.



FTC disclaimer; Adobe paid for travel and accommodations to make these interviews possible, which means I’m way less beholding to Adobe than your local congressperson, Senator or President is to the people who own them.

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