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After Effects + Creative Cloud Next at IBC 2018

new video features previewed

At the IBC 2018 conference in Amsterdam, Adobe is unveiling new video features coming to Creative Cloud to speed up production timelines, enable more seamless workflows, and deliver other powerful capabilities to bring creative vision to fruition. The updates include Adobe Sensei AI-powered animation, intelligent audio cleanup tools, selective color grading, advanced data-driven motion graphics templates and end-to-end VR 180 support. These new features will enable filmmakers and video professionals to spend more time shaping their next creative project, and less time on repetitive tasks. It’s all summarized on lovely PDFs, IBC 2018 Datasheet and What’s New.

Note a recent alert, Adobe Video and Audio Apps: Upcoming Changes to OS Support.

You can tune-in to Facebook Live with Jason Levine on September 13 at 9 am PT to hear more about the upcoming release.

Here’s a few highlights, with more at product blog links:

After Effects CC (AE team blog has a few extra specifics)
After Effects will introduce new Mesh Sculpting tools – Puppet Pins for shaping and molding surfaces, new authoring features for Motion Graphics templates, a new JavaScript expressions engine, and across-the-board performance improvements. Depth Passes or 3D Channel effects now work on regular AE layers. Mocha AE tracking is now internal, as a GPU-accelerated plug-in. Expressions could be up to 5 times faster.

If you want some perspective on recent feature updates and multicore rendering changes, see TheGreatSzalam on Reddit. We also have non-Adobe people making features videos again, with Boone Loves Video contributing a short take. Adobe followed up with a blurb from Ukramedia.


Premiere Pro CC (team blog)
The next release of Premiere Pro will offer additional performance improvements, streamlined workflows for motion graphics, innovative Selective Color Grading, intelligent audio cleanup tools from Adobe Audition, end-to-end 180 VR production, Display Color Management, and more. Below are a few videos from Adobe and extras from users.

A good quick overview of March and earlier updates is here. See also The Adobe Premiere Pro Fall 2018 update – better color and better audio are highlights by Scott Simmons here on PVC. And below are videos on new features from Cut to the Point on Youtube, one of which actually demonstrates the effects of the new Selective Color Grading curves.


Adobe Audition CC  (team blog)
New Intelligent Audio Cleanup features include DeReverb and DeNoise effects that let you dial down reverb or background noise. A comprehensive multitrack makeover offers improved performance with large projects and new one-click session management, Zoom-to-Time presets, and more.


Character Animator CC (team blog)
Most of the animation action is happening outside of After Effects. You can bring original art into Character Animator with the new Characterizer feature that lets you turn face picts into an animated character. Use slider controls to adjust the level of stylization and fine-tune regions and facial expressions to get desired results faster. Work more easily with new Replays, Magnets, additional setups, and more.


Introducing Project Rush
Adobe wants you to extend your editing platform with Project Rush, a new cross-device app that lets you create and share professional-quality video, including simplified color, audio, and motion graphics. A shared architecture means you can open native Project Rush projects in Premiere Pro when you need to take work to a more competent toolset. Currently in beta, Project Rush will be available later this year. You can apply to join the Project Rush beta — to find out if it’s a toy!

And more…
The next releases will also offer new video search filters in Adobe Stock, improved Creative Cloud Libraries, group invites for Team Projects, and more. Visit to learn about the upcoming releases of the Adobe video tools.

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