Adobe Premiere Rush: The Editing Choice For PVC’s NAB Coverage

Creative Limitations Breed Creative Solutions

Fast and easy. On our phones or a laptop. Always in a rush. This is life as we know it covering the National Association of Broadcaster Show (NAB) in Las Vegas yearly.  This year, we are going to more booths and shooting more videos than ever. How are we going to do it? One of our solutions is to find a way to ease our usual late-night editing crunch. So we turn to Adobe Premiere Rush as our answer. Premiere Rush is our software of choice to edit all of our NAB video coverage.

Adobe Rush
Nathan Thompson shooting video of Sony’s Venice during NAB 2018

For simple edits, we stick with simple workflows. We are not over complicating things this year. As video professionals, award-winning, in fact, we can get complicated with our shoots and our editing. NAB coverage does not need this style of work. NAB coverage is just like breaking news coverage many journalists see every day. In these situations, simplifying and getting straightforward answers is paramount to creatively shooting and editing. We want to get all of the industry news to you as fast as we can. For those who cannot attend NAB, we want you to be informed and to feel like you have not missed any of the news.

“It’s nice and simple and focuses on the essentials”

What is Adobe Premiere Rush?

Adobe Rush Premiere Rush is stream-lined editing software from Adobe allowing you to work equally as well on your phone as it does on your laptop. It is editing made easy with simple tools for color, audio, and motion graphics. Once you are done editing in Premiere Rush even gives you the option to upload straight to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. If you are in a Rush then turn to Adobe Premiere Rush. This is exactly what we are doing.

Our main editor, Matt Pfingsten has this to say about Adobe Premiere Rush. “It’s nice and simple and focuses on the essentials. It’s perfect for YouTubers and smartphone and tablet editing while retaining enough power to make it far more useful than other entry-level NLE.”

Reverse Planning

Going into NAB video coverage using Premiere Rush means we reversed our planning. We are shooting our material for the edit instead of building on the timeline. Knowing we are focusing on the essentials in our edits means we can focus our shooting to work best within Premiere Rush. I learned in Art School limitations on creativity breed creative solutions. In Adobe Premiere Rush the limitations are few. Like the limited number of video tracks and a limited number of audio tracks. 4 and 3 respectively.

“Limitations on creativity breed creative solutions”

Adobe Rush Cross-Device

Sharing from the showroom floor via phone is something I would usually steer away from when planning my coverage of big events. While we will produce our NAB videos professionally having Adobe Premiere Rush on my phone opens up a quick and easy way for me to add bonus coverage. “An editor can throw footage into the cloud without worrying about format conversion,” according to Matt, Lead Editor of PVC NAB coverage. So you can count on me taking pictures, shooting additional video, and adding those bonus assets to our one-on-one manufacturer product interviews. And, I’m not the only one thinking on these lines. Lead editor Matt Pfingsten says, “Anything I shoot on my phone I’m probably going to at least start the edit in Adobe Premiere Rush, especially if I’m traveling, backpacking, sailing, cycling, etc. ”

Auto Ducking

We know good audio is just, if not more, important than good visuals. Initially, my team and I were a little worried about the audio editing capabilities within Premier Rush. Once we tested and learned the program we saw if anything Premiere Rush may speed up our audio editing with it’s “Auto Ducking” feature by turning down music automatically when a voice is recognized by the software. We see this as a potential feature capable of speeding up our editing. Even if this auto feature only cuts a minute or two from our editing we will be happy. Any time reduction adds up and eventually, this little time saver can mean more videos of NAB completed and uploaded quickly.

Adobe Rush
Sony’s Press Conference during NAB 2018

See You At NAB

These days now, we can capture and deliver professional quality video and audio from our phones to our professional digital cinema cameras. It makes sense to have an edit system dedicated to the quick and social sharing style of editing that Premiere Rush provides. When we are done with NAB we will circle back around to tell you just how well our NAB turned out and how Adobe Premiere Rush did in the fire of NAB News Coverage

Adobe Rush
Fremont Street, Las Vegas is always worth a trip for NAB goers



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