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What is the ProVideo Coalition (PVC)?
The ProVideo Coalition brings together the industry’s best writers, bloggers and video gurus under one url. Within the PVC website, each writer maintains their own blog, with the site’s content management system dynamically sharing articles, tutorials, reviews, video clips and other media across the individual channels or sites.

The ProVideo Coalition homepage gives visitors easy access to the latest and greatest content on all of the PVC blogs.

Markets Covered:
Because the PVC is comprised of many different individual blogs or websites, in the end PVC will cover as many vertical niches in the professional video market as possible. PVC is limited in it’s scope only by finding the best writers within each niche.

What makes PVC different?
At PVC, we share more of our budget with our contributors. At a typical print publishing company, printing and distribution consume a vast amount of a magazine’s revenue, with only as much as 15% of total revenue left to cover all editorial expenses including staff editor salaries, occupancy, benefits, phone, etc. Very little is ultimately left over for the writers.

Without great editorial content a publishing property is nothing. At PVC, we believe the surest means of attracting the best writers and motivating them to create great content is to give them control of the production process and to let them earn a fair return on their efforts. Of course the best writers, drive the best traffic.

40% Goes to the writers!
No kidding! 40% of the gross advertising revenue goes directly to the contributors. PVC writer’s compensation is based on a variety of metrics, including traffic as recorded by Google Analytics.

Editorial Structure
The core of the ProVideo Coalition is the team of founding editors or “Founders”. The Founders all have outstanding stature in the industry, editorial integrity, and proven experience sharing information and expertise with the broader video community. All were hand-picked by industry veteran Scott Gentry. Scott ran the DV group in the glory years, and went on to build Studio Monthly and Now Scott and the Founders are launching the site they’ve always wanted…ProVideo Coalition.

List of Founders & Writers – Growing Regularly
Mark Christiansen
Terence Curren
Chris Meyer
Trish Meyer
Adam Wilt
Mike Curtis (
Richard Harrington
Art Adams
Steve Hullfish
Steve Martin
Bruce A. Johnson
Brian Gary
Andrew Balis
Mark Spencer
Dominic Milano
Alex Lindsay
Matthew Jeppsen
Kendal Miller
Randy Boyes
Scott Gentry

PVC will invite emerging experts to write for, contribute media to, and gain exposure through the Contributors blog. Contributors who display consistent expertise and craft, draw traffic and attention, and fill a critical niche for the PVC, may be invited to run their own individual channel or blog.

More Channels
Writers with an already established history of expertise will be outright invited to maintain their own blog on PVC.

Blogs will also be created aggregating reviews and tutorials across PVC, covering events like NAB and more.

Product extensions such as Newsletters, video tutorials, webinars, podcasts and more will be launching over the next few weeks and months.

Email Addresses for each writer here:

* Disclaimer *
Because ProVideo Coalition is a collection of writer’s blogs under one url, the opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of ProVideo Coalition site and management. Each writer is free to share his opinions, thoughts and reviews. All PVC asks is that opinions be based upon repeatable facts wherever possible.

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