Art Adams - Director of Photography

Cinematographer Art Adams shoots spots, visual effects, web/interactive/mobile and high-end marketing projects. His website is at

Art has been published in HD Video Pro, American Cinematographer, Australian Cinematographer and Camera Operator Magazine He is a current member of the International Cinematographers Guild, a past member of the Society of Camera Operators (SOC), and an industry consultant and educator. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

RED ONE Build 14 Latitude Tests

RED ONE Build 14 Latitude Tests

RED ONE Build 14 Latitude Tests My goal was to see if RED’s 5000k chip is limited in exposure latitude under tungsten lighting conditions due to a tendency…

It’s All Up to Me Now

My quest for digital truth took me to a little known corner of the world, a private spot where there are three mountains known as The Gains. The middle one…

RED vs. Ace Hardware I was shooting some exposure tests with a RED and I turned my tungsten reference light off to look at something on the camera. I noticed green roll…

“Why CMOS over CCD?” I ask my toaster for answers.

The other day I found Harry, the Civil Toaster (“civil” not as in kind, but because he was in the civil service) in the driveway tossing corn chips…

Chip Color Balance: How Much of a Difference Does It Make?

Life isn’t easy when one lives with overly intelligent appliances. In my case, my home is “enriched” by Harry the Civil Toaster (“civil” not…

Half-color Fashion: Why Project: Runway looks “thin”

Today I had an interesting conversation about bit depth with my toaster. “So, tell me,” said Harold the Civil Toaster (not civil as in kind, but because he…

Lensbaby Macro Test

I shot this footage back in November when I bought my Lensbaby 3GPL kit with wide angle/telephoto attachments and macro kit.I’m in the process of writing…

Don’t Swim at the Bottom

I’m on a couple of email lists, and a thread on one of them caught my eye this morning. It was about crew and pricing, and inevitably someone…

HOW TO: Use a Color Meter

Color meters were never designed to be used to measure light sources with a broken spectrum. How much should we trust them? The typical color meter has three sensors that…

WEB SPOTS: Fast, simple, cheap, P2

My first P2 projects, three web spots, are now live–and I’m impressed at what we did with a small crew and a tiny camera. The crew…

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