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Lowel Shows Off LED Lights: NAB 2016

A workhorse in ENG News gets a LED update

If you have ever been, or currently are, a news photographer your first light kit may have been a Lowel light kit. Lowel lights are workhorses and tough. I literally had a music video shoot where only Lowel lights worked on the suspect power found on location. Those lights saved the day. From Rifas, Totas, and Omnis these lights have been used everywhere. Now, Lowel introduces the PRO Power LED. This is a rethink of their ViP Pro light, which is an tungsten high intensity focusable light.


  • Powerful location LED in high quality Daylight orTungsten, dimmable without color shift
  • PRO Power LED’s beautiful fresnel output focuseswide & smooth, or tight & punchy
  • Output comparable to 200W tungsten halogen fixture with same focus range & beam angle
  • Flicker-free Slo-mo, to 2350 + fps
  • Powered by AC or Long Life accessory DCBattery, for on-stand or run & gun handheld use
  • Light Controls include: Barndoors, gel frame,softbox, umbrella, & screwthread filters
  • Kit combinations available

If there was a problem with the older ViP Pro light was it could generate some heat and was tungsten only. Now, the PRO Power LED is a Lowel Procool day-light balanced light. You’ll find similar light modifiers and if you have older umbrella’s, and ViP Pro Light modifiers, those will also work on the PRO Power LED too. Just like the older light the PRO Power LED can be battery powered as well. This means you will not be as dependent on available location power as before.

With the PRO Power LED, Lowel has improved a news-gathering workhorse and made it even better. I can see countless news stations moving to add these lights to their photographers’ kits.



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Brian Hallett, is an award winning cameraman, editor, and producer. He has shot everything from Network broadcast news, promotional image campaigns, music videos, short films, and documentaries. Check out his reel at hallett-brian.com