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Turning your phone into a video-making machine.

Chase Jarvis said it best, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” Truth be told that camera is usually a smart phone. With each new version of a phone we are introduced to a better version of the camera on that phone. So how does a photographer stand out from the crowd? Accessories can definitely help. The problem comes with finding a way to easily mount those camera accessories to the phone. In step the Helium Core.
Helium Core

Helium Core

Brandon Hoe of Helium Cine are about to kick off a Kickstarter campaign for their iPhone chassis, or camera cage. If you’ve ever used a camera cage on a DSLR you’ll totally understand what Brandon is building. He wants you to be able to mount a variety of lenses and lights to your phone. He wants your iPhoneography to be easy and fun, but still stand out from the crowd.

Helium Core The Helium Core allows you to mount common accessories to a single camera cage to help you turn your iPhone into as much of a professional camera system as it can be. It’s integrated lens mount and industry standard mounting holes allow you to customize your rig to the situation at hand. You’ll be able to add 3rd partly lenses, a flash, microphone and video lights just like you would with your DSLR.

For me, the big help a cage like the Helium Core offers, is the tripod mount under the lens. This will help you with unwanted parallax when panning your phone.

Bentley,Tangerine, and Edward Sharpe


Helium Core Is this a beginning of a new revolution? Will we see iPhoneography grow like we did with the Digital Revolution or the DSLR? We might. I mean the videos above certainly prove the phones are capable in the right hands.

What Brandon Hoe is trying to do is make a product that works with as many accessories as possible. So the Helium Core becomes your camera cage of choice. Brandon understands the need to keep the cage small and light while also being useful to the user. He, like me, doesn’t like being saddled with a heavy rig, but instead likes to shoot light and fast.

Helium Core Details

  • Use different lenses for different compositions and to enable different looks (love Moment lenses? The Helium Core accommodates Moment’s lens mounting plate)
  • Add a flash to illuminate subjects better
  • Mount on a tripod for stability (vertically or horizontally)
  • Carry around your neck for quick access (with a lanyard or strap)
  • Swap lenses for different shot types (the Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter really shines with the Helium Core )
  • Add Video lights on camera or add a microphone for scratch audio
  • Mount creatively – on a gimbal, drone, car mount, articulating arm, Fig Rig, slider, jib, shoulder rig, motorcycle, helmet – the possibilities are numerous
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum holds up to abuse better than plastic
  • Fits into your pocket, camera bag, backpack or handbag because of its slender profile


April 26th Helium Cine will kick off their crowd funding. Why should you help Helium Cine out? Brandon, the designer, has a proven track record of delivering products to the market. He helped launch six different Lenovo notebooks before he left the corporate world and heading out on his own. This seems like one of those products shooters will pick up just in case they have a shoot with an iPhone. In many ways, after talking to Brandon on the phone I became inspired to try my hand at shooting a spot on an iPhone.

Helium Core


  • 6061-T6 aluminum construction for strength and reliability
  • iPhone-specific designs (one for 6/6s and one for 6 Plus/6s Plus)
  • Multiple 1/4″-20 mounting points, located on all 4 sides
    • Seventeen (17)  on the Core+ (fits iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus)
    • Sixteen (16) on the Core (fits iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s)
    • Mount vertically or horizontally, on whatever rig you can imagine
  • Integrated lens mount
    • Fit 37mm threaded lenses
    • Use other lenses, with adapters
    • Designed to allow the Moment lens plate and Moment lenses to fit
    • Works beautifully with the Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter
  • Clever industrial design
    • Access all the jacks, switches and ports
    • Curved walls make it comfortable to hold
    • Two-piece design provides all-around protection
    • Cutouts to reduce weight, without sacrificing strength
  • Anodized finish
    • Beautiful to look at and hold
    • Increases corrosion resistance
    • Increases wear resistance


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