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With hundreds of careers and opportunities, the filmmaking industry can be a unique experience for a filmmaker. Filmtools decided to take a deeper look into the world of a Filmmaker. This week, we had the opportunity to speak to Filmmaker  Einar Baldvin about his work. This is what he said:

What is your name, and where are you currently located?

Einar Baldvin: Einar Baldvin, Los Angeles

What is your Primary role on set?

Einar Baldvin:  Animation writer/director

Name a person in the industry that is on the top of his or her game in your role. 

Einar Baldvin:  Peter Millard

If you had to impress someone with your work, what would be the most “well-known” content that you’ve worked on? – Could be local TV spot or YouTube piece.  

Einar Baldvin:  I always show them my film. The Pride of Strathmoor.

Best craft services food?

Einar Baldvin:  Any coffee. Offer me coffee and I will love you.

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on before?

Einar Baldvin:  I just finished the art and writing for a massive book of mine being published by Starburns Industries. A completely hand written and traditionally illustrated dark medieval horror ‘The Crawling King’ It allowed me to explore things artistically that I have never done before. We are currently raising money to print it on Kickstarter:


When you arrive at set, What’s the first thing you do?

Einar Baldvin:  Have a double espresso, and drink it. 

How did you break into this industry?

Einar Baldvin:  My film The Pride of Strathmoor did very well at festivals, all my professional work since has come from showing people that film and it is easier to get them to watch it if it has won awards.

What challenges have you faced?

Einar Baldvin:  The hardest thing was transitioning out of school and into being a professional, particularly if you are trying to carve your own path because not only do you have to excel but also be relentless at promoting yourself. 

Current TV obsession?

Einar Baldvin:  The new Twin Peaks, perfect.

Do you binge-watch new shows or pace them out?

Einar Baldvin:  It depends on how much is going on but I prefer shows as weekly installments.

What piece of gear do you have your eye on?

Einar Baldvin:  I really need a good camera and setup at home to shoot my animation. Not sure which one. Maybe you can tell me?

Camera – Should you own or rent? 

Einar Baldvin:  Owning things is better, especially when inspiration strikes.

Lenses – Should you own or rent?

Einar Baldvin:  Same as above

 What are you currently working on?

Einar Baldvin:  Getting my book The Crawling King out there, but also resuming work on my follow up to The Pride of Strathmoor  ‘Facts Concerning The Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family’ which has been on hold for a while because of the book.

What advice would you give to people interested in this industry?

Einar Baldvin:  Get better every day at what you do. One thing I also wished I did more when I started out is ask questions from other artists.

Where can people follow you on social?

Einar Baldvin:  Instragram: thecrawlingking Twitter: Einar_Baldvin Vimeo:

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