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Blackmagic Announces Revolutionary New Blackmagic Duplicator 4K: NAB 2016

4K Live Events Recorded Straight To SD Cards

The Duplicator

4K Duplicator If you are in any way recording or shooting live events the Blackmagic Duplicator 4K seems to be, quite literally, the best way to sell your work to more people. The Duplicator, interesting name – feels like an action movie title, will help live content creators sell the content right after the live event. The Duplicator is not a wait a hour for it to duplicate your footage kind of gear. No, this is right away. For example, Blackmagic shot their press conference in 4K live and immediately afterward they handed the attendees an SD Card with entire event on it in 4K.

The Duplicator US$1995 is a H.265 realtime encoder capable of delivering Ultra HD content to inexpensive SD cards. Yep, H.265. Why H.265? Because H.265 is a new standard for Ultra HD delivery. H.265 looks better than the older H.264 standard, and the files are small with smaller data rates allowing content to play back on SD cards. When using H.265, Ultra HD content isn’t much larger than a HD file of H.264 would be.

The built in H.265 encoder is so efficient that a one hour Ultra HD program can easily fit onto a very inexpensive 8GB SD card. SD cards are also easy to label and completely re-usable so customers can reformat unsold cards and record over them again at their next event. Plus, disc based formats like Blu-Ray or DVD require more equipment and longer duplication process times.

4K Duplicator

Each Duplicator has 25 SD card recorders. You can stack Duplicators allowing an unlimited number of SD cards to be recorded. The SD cards can be used for SD, HD and Ultra HD video up to 2160p60 and are compatible with Windows 10 computers. With the addition of a USB adapter, SD cards can even be plugged directly into most consumer Ultra HD televisions for immediate playback of the video.

The front panel controls are designed to make duplicating content as easy as possible and feature 6 large illuminated buttons for record, stop, lock, append, menu and remote. The lock button prevents accidental interruption of recording during an event, and the append record button seamlessly combines recordings from different parts of an event into a single file.

4K Duplicator

4K Duplicator Presser shots-6 4K Duplicator Presser shots-5

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