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PVC Talks To Blackmagic About The New 4K Video Assist Recorder

We Interview Blackmagic To Find Out More About The 4K Video Assist

First Blackmagic showed us the HD version of the Blackmagic Video Assist at NAB 2015. Well, it’s a new year at NAB and we were shown a new Blackmagic 4K Video Assist/Monitor. It’s bigger, has larger in/out ports, and dual high speed UHS-II SDHC card recorders. If you’ve used the 5″ HD Video Assist then you will be well versed in the ins/outs of the 4K Video Assist. In many ways the new version is the big brother.

Video Assist for Story-5 Priced at US $895 the Blackmagic Video Assist looks to be a great option for shooters who need better monitoring/recording solutions. The SDI and HDMI ins/outs means the recorder/monitor will work well with many different camera systems. The one camera I think will pair extremely well with the 4K recorder/monitor is Blackmagic’s 4K Micro Studio Camera. The Micro Studio Camera has no way to record and it shoots 4K. I think it’s a no-brainer. On one hand you have a 4K camera and the other you have its recorder with audio inputs.

One of the coolest features, if you’re a DSLR shooter, are the two Mini XLR inputs. DSLRs can have poor audio input options causing shooters a lot of headaches. With the Blackmagic Video Assist one can pipe picture from their DSLR and input audio directly into the Video Assist allowing you to completely bypass recording audio into a DSLR.

For a monitor/recorder which runs off of Canon LP-E6 batteries and 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes or DNxHD recording you get a great compliment to existing Blackmagic Cameras. I can imagine myself shooting 4K raw on a shoot and recording a proxy file on the Video Assist. Then I can edit the lighter weight footage and conform back to the original raw footage for color correction. Yet, the Video Assist will work with other cameras too. All you need is an HDMI output or SDI and you’re in business.

Blackmagic Video Assist 4K Key Features

  • 7 inch LCD touch screen with 1920 x 1200 high resolution monitor.
  • Professional 10-bit 4:2:2 HD ProRes or DNxHD recording.
  • Dual high speed UHS-II SDHC card recorders use readily available, inexpensive SD card media.
  • Dual recorders allow non-stop recording and provide a backup if one fails.
  • 2 mini XLR connectors with 48V phantom power for connecting microphones.
  • -128dBV electrical noise floor for high quality audio recording.
  • LANC connection for remote control.
  • Auto start/stop recording using HDMI or SDI triggers.
  • Includes slots for 2 hot pluggable batteries as well as 12V DC power input.
  • Full compatibility with editing software such as DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Avid and Premier Pro.
  • All in one design, mount to cameras, hold in your hand or set up on a table with the included kickstand.
  • Includes 6G-SDI input allowing it to be used as an Ultra HD monitor.

Video Assist for Story-3 Video Assist for Story-2 Video Assist

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