Blackmagic ATEM Switcher Updated to 6.9

Adding VU Meters and ability to swap views

Blackmagic released update 6.9 for their ATEM Switcher. This update adds adaptability to the multi-view by adding new features like VU Meters and the ability to swap program and preview windows. Any time a director can choose his/her preferred viewing they’ll likely work more efficiently.


The ATEM Switcher

The ATEM Switcher is one of the more inexpensive Switchers, out in the market now, and I know some broadcast stations looking to add the ATEM to their workflow. Specifically, broadcasters may be interested in the ATEM for their less important, studio B/Control room B, broadcasts like an interview show or lifestyle show.

These shows tend to fill a need by being an added venue for selling local advertising and can be less expensive than purchasing a syndicated show. If you can imagine, local TV stations love to keep the cost of these shows as low as possible. By giving themselves a second, less expensive control room, the local TV stations are able to keep their flagship sets open for any pre-produced elements that may be needed later.

What Else Updated

ATEM 2me-broadcast-studio-4k So what else did Blackmagic update with firmware 6.9? Here is a list: Multi-view outputs on all ATEM Production Studio 4K models as well as ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K, VU Meters can be selectively displayed on each window for any combination of inputs. The opacity of the VU meters can be adjusted too, so directors can see them at full brightness, or as a transparent overlay on top of the video. Like I wrote earlier, the program and preview windows can now be swapped and directors can turn off the safe area grid on the multi-view output if they so choose. Lastly, update 6.9 adds rotational DVE functions to the ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K model. This gives directors on live switched shows more video effects up to Ultra HD 2160 60p. You can download the 6.9 Update here.

ATEM 1me-production-studio-4k

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