P+S Technik Announces 70-200 1.5x Anamorphic Zoom Lens

Now P+S Technik has two 1.5 anamorphic zoom lenses

At Cine Gear 2016 P+S Technik added a second Cinemascope lens to their repertoire. The New 70-200mm anamorphic zoom will compliment their original anamorphic zoom, the 35-70mm. The new zoom will feature the same interesting flare characteristics and cover full-frame image circles found in the wide zoom already in production. Now, a shooter could, if so desired, only use the Munich-based cinema equipment manufacturer’s lenses on their film or production and not feel like they’re compromising.


The 35-70mm and 70-200mm lenses are based on a front anamorphic lens design with a 1.5x squeeze factor. The front anamorphic design is one of the features giving the lenses its unique look and flare characteristics I feel in love with when we shot our little short film “Winner Every Time.”

1.3x? 1.5x? 2.0x? Which is best for you? My opinion, for whatever it’s worth, when shooting on a Super 35mm sized sensor the 1.5x is a natural and logical choice because you end up with around a 2.67:1 aspect ratio. This allows for a bit of re-framing, if so desired, to match a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Again, if that’s what you want to do. For me, in the short film we shot on the 1.5x 35-70mm anamorphic zoom I kept the 2.67:1 aspect ratio. I loved the way it looked.

on9-Zoom-800x600The new P+S Technik 70-200mm zoom is designed for Super 35mm and larger sensors. This includes Full-Frame sensors. To me, this is a huge deal, and another reason why these lenses are a great investment. Not only will the 35-70mm and 70-200mm give you an incredibly interesting look, but they will likely work well on nearly every sensor being produced today.

Then there is the ability to change the lens mount. When I wrote my original article about the P+S Technik 35-70mm anamorphic zoom I discovered that P+S Technik is able to change the lens mounts on the zoom: from PL to EF and Nikon F. To me, these two lenses will be the Indie anamorphic zooms to use when they make their way to the States. Below, you can see a series of screen grabs P+S Technik shared showing off the 70-200mm zoom’s performance and characteristics.

on9-135mm-Ali-800x600 on9-135mm-800x600-2 on9-100mm-800x600-2 on9-160mm-800x600

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