Tested: 15 lights, 8 cameras, 7 color meters

Test scene, seen through a GFX100

Every year Geoff Boyle, the founder of CML, pulls together one or more camera, lens, or lighting tests. Back in July 2019 he asked if I could help with the next such effort, so in February 2020 I found myself spending a week at the Netherlands Film Academy, working with an Italian cinematographer and a […]

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Red Giant Complete is now completely FREE for educational use

Red Giant Complete now completely FREE for educational use

Red Giant announced that Red Giant Complete – the full set of tools including Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, Universe, VFX Suite and Shooter Suite – is free for students and teachers. Discover how! Last November Red Giant announced that Red Giant Complete was available, all tools included, at a low price. Now the company […]

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Professional Photographers of America online education is now FREE

Staying home? PPA's online education is now FREE

The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has unlocked its entire online education platform to anyone with a free PPA account, to help photographers fill the time learning some new skills. “You are our family.  We stand by family!”. That’s the opening statement made by the Professional Photographers of America while inviting professionals to create a […]

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ART OF THE CUT with veteran editor Ivan Victor on cutting “68 Whiskey”


Ivan Victor’s work includes editing the 2002 movie Jackass! among others. He has also edited TV series like The Tom Green Show, Jackass!, The Osbournes, Reno 911, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Parks and Recreation, The Goldbergs, Baskets, The Muppets, Atlanta, and Cobra Kai. Today we discuss his work on […]

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Loupedeck CT adds support for DaVinci Resolve and other applications


The folks are Loupedeck have released an update to the Loupedeck software that greatly extends the functionality of the Loupedeck CT. This version 3.2 update adds that Loupedeck is calling the Loupedeck Profile Creator which lets the user add any application on the machine for Loupedeck CT support. With this new Loupedeck Profile Creator option comes the […]

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Getty Images launches $10,000 grant to support film and photography

Getty Images launches $10,000 grant to support commercial film and photography

First in series of grants to be awarded across 2020 and beyond, the Getty Images #ShowUs Grant aims to support women, female-identifying and non-binary voices in commercial film and photography. Launched on the one-year anniversary of Project #ShowUs, the inaugural grant of $10,000 will be awarded to a commercial photographer or videographer who is using […]

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Creating Animated Graphs in Motion


Since we all seem to be looking at a lot of charts and graphs these days I thought it was a good opportunity to show folks how easy it is to build an animated line graph in Motion. With its shape tools, generators, behaviors for creating animation without keyframes, and realtime playback performance, Motion is […]

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Stay Connected and Compensated with PVC


Here we are several weeks into the coronavirus pandemic and many cities and states have gone into some form of lockdown. From shelter in place to safer at home these directives have shut down much of the video and television production and post-production industries. With those shutdowns, many incomes have been shut down as well. […]

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