Nikon Shows Love For Animals with New Animal-Detection AF


I love my pets. You love your pets. If I were a betting man I may even suggest you like to photograph your pets as much as I do. Getting a perfect focus on our pets though… not the easiest thing to get right. Well, Nikon just made your pet photography a little bit easier […]

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Voices From Sundance: “Scare Me” Editor Patrick Lawrence

Scare Me poster, edited by Patrick Lawrence

Welcome to a special podcast series from Steve Hullfish and ProVideo Coalition! For the next few weeks, in addition to the regular Tuesday episodes of the Art of the Cut, we will be releasing Steves conversations with the editors of the top films at Sundance Film Festival 2020.               […]

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Learn Scratch – Part 4 – Slots, Scene Detection and Layer Basics

Scratch Splash Screen

One of my favorite concepts inside of Scratch is Slots.  It’s something that, for new users, can seem a little confusing, but once you understand the way Scratch works, they are a very clever addition that I wish was in other applications.  At their most basic, Slots hold clips. The clips that make up your […]

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Paragon Backup and Recovery for Mac: brand new software is completely FREE

Paragon Backup and Recovery for Mac is FREE

Paragon Software releases FREE Paragon Backup and Recovery for Mac, a tool for MacOS Catalina users that are not satisfied with just relying on the built-in Time Machine software. You may believe that your Mac is protected against malware, but if something goes wrong, the best way to recover from a malware attack is to […]

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MacDroid: the easy and FREE way to connect your Mac to an Android device

MacDroid: connect your Mac to your Android device

Breaking the transfer barrier between Android and Mac, the MacDroid app allows users to transfer files and folders between a Mac computer and an Android device connected via USB. Android and macOS cannot natively work together, so if you’ve a Mac computer but do not have an iPhone, having chosen an Android smartphone, you know […]

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