Nikon Releases Their Fastest Lens: The Nikkor Z 58mm f/0.95 S NOCT


Nikon Inc. announces the pricing for their fastest NIKKOR lens, the new NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct and it falls right in the price range of high-quality cinema glass. The price? $7999.95 for what is likely the best lens Nikon has ever made. For those who do not know, the 58mm Noct is a […]

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Nikon Z 50: APS-C camera shoots 4K UHD/30p using the whole frame

Nikon Z 50: a larger mount for an APS-C sensor

The Nikon Z 50 will be available in November 2019, in several configurations including body-only for a suggested retail price of $859.95. The camera shoots 4K UHD/30p using the whole frame. The Nikon Z 50 confirms that Nikon wants to expand its mirrorless series to the APS-C format, and the Z 50 is the first […]

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Reactor for Blackmagic Fusion

Reactor for Blackmagic Fusion 5

Reactor is a plugin manager for Blackmagic Fusion that adds powerful new tools to both the Fusion page in Resolve and the standalone version of Fusion, Fusion Studio. Artists in applications like After Effects tend to invest in third party plugins to enhance their workflow, but node-based compositing artists more often just “roll their own,” […]

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Canon adds 24p video capture to new cameras, now consumers want more

Canon adds 24p video capture to cameras, now consumers want more

Soon a series of Canon cameras will allow users to shoot in Full HD and 4K resolutions at 24p. The first models to be “upgraded” are the DSLR EOS 90D and the mirrorless EOS RP. Forget everything that was said before. Now Canon announces that it is possible to add 24p video mode through a […]

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Sigma fp: mirrorless cinema camera begins shipping on October 25

Sigma fp: mirrorless cinema camera begins shipping on October 25 11

Attendees to the 2019 PhotoPlus Expo in New York City can see the all new Sigma fp full-frame mirrorless digital camera in Sigma’s booth, #837. The camera will begin shipping on October 25. Sigma announced the Sigma fp will make it to the market this October. The Sigma fp will retail for $1,899 for […]

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PSA: Sony A7Riv can be remote controlled over a long distance

FieldMonitor showing both A7Riv and GH5 on same network

Sony’s recently released A7Riv full-frame mirrorless camera has a unique under-the-radar improvement over its stablemates: Wi-Fi remote capability using separate access points. This lets you control the camera from much greater distances than a direct Wi-Fi connection allows, and it can provide better resistance to interference and dropped connections. (The brand-new A9ii may also allow […]

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WebSub and PowerPress 8, with Angelo Mandato

WebSub and PowerPress 8, with Angelo Mandato 13

In BeyondPodcasting episode 18, host Allan Tépper and guest Angelo Mandato discuss the power of WebSub and new features in PowerPress 8. Angelo is the CIO of Blubrry and RawVoice, as well as the PowerPress Architect. WebSub is an open protocol for distributed publish–subscribe communication on the Internet, and allows notifying the Google Podcasts app […]

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