Removing glare from glasses

Removing glare from glasses 1

There are all kinds of finishing effects that are within the grasp of the average editor. You just need to know the recipe. Removing reflections and glare from glasses is one of those tricks that seems impossible, but is perfectly achievable if you understand the steps involved. In the video below I’ll walk your through […]

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VR experience: Wolves in the Walls and Lucy, a Virtual Being, win Emmy Award

VR experience: Wolves in the Walls and Lucy win Emmy Award

Lucy, the star of Wolves in the Walls VR experience, from Fable, is a fully realized virtual being who addresses you directly and interacts with you as a visitor in her world. Lucy just won an Emmy Award! Wolves in the Walls earned a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media, an award that […]

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Sony Alpha 6600 and Alpha 6100: two new APS-C mirrorless cameras

Sony Alpha 6600 and Alpha 6100: a new APS-C mirrorless pair

Sony’s new Alpha 6600 and Alpha 6100 offer internal 4K movie recording in Super 35mm format with full pixel readout without pixel binning.  Is that enough for Sony users to upgrade their cameras? The new Alpha 6600 has been designed to address the needs of the most demanding photographers and videographers with its versatility making […]

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Canon EOS 90D: contracting market “marries” EOS 7D with the EOS 80D

EOS 90D: contracting market made Canon marry the EOS7D with the EOSD 80D

Canon introduced the new EOS 90D, a marriage between the EOS XD and EOS XXD lines, putting an end, apparently, to years of segmentation. Is this another nail in the DSLR’s coffin? The two new cameras usher in the next generation of Canon APS-C sensor cameras and share many similar characteristics, as Canon says, featuring […]

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