How to recreate Upside Down from the Stranger Things series using Hitfilm Pro

How to recreate Stranger Things’ Upside Down using HitFilm Pro

The alternate dimension “Upside Down” is coming to your TV screen, and in anticipation of the new season of Stranger Things, FXhome created a tutorial to recreate the “Upside Down” using HitFilm Pro. Since July last year that Netflix promotes the third season of Stranger Things, with the introduction of a series of videos revealing […]

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Honoring Ed Phillips – video interview

Honoring Ed Phillips - video interview 2

Like the movies it makes, the Hollywood film industry is home to both heroes and villains. Do business in Hollywood and you’ll quickly meet some villains,  but hopefully some heroes as well. Ed Phillips was by all accounts one of the good ones. His good humor, charm, and integrity made him loved by everyone in […]

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Discover DragonFly: your professional camera into a Virtual World

DragonFly: your camera into a Virtual World

DragonFly brings professional virtual cinematography tools to filmmakers and content creators everywhere. The new solution can be downloaded for free as a 15-day trial, from Glassbox website. DragonFly is a powerful virtual camera plugin that allows users to visualize computer generated scenes in real-time, enabling fast and efficient creative decision making. It gives you the […]

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