Digitize your entire set…free, using Meshroom

Digitize your entire set...free, using Meshroom 1

3D camera tracking has become an essential tool for most filmmakers—even if just for matchmoving titles to scene geography. But until fairly recently, the ability to recreate your scene inside a computer’s 3D space required expensive on-set Lidar survey, the result of which never seemed to quite line up with the 3D camera track. There […]

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Adobe Creative Cloud discontinued apps: Adobe clarifies its letter and list


When Adobe published, recently, a list of software that could not be used any longer, it mixed CC apps with CS apps as Premiere Pro 6. I finally got a reply from Adobe about what is “legal” to use, now. The letter sent recently by Adobe to some of its clients has not been very […]

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Classic Course: Smart Blur

Classic Course: Smart Blur 8

Smart Blur – along with Bilateral Blur, which we discussed back in January – was originally created to help blur out flaws in an image (such as dust, grain, skin flaws, etc.) while maintaining detail in transitions such as the outline of the image or features in it. It’s a powerful tool that includes the ability […]

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Our Choice To Turn To Adobe Premiere Rush For NAB 2019 Videos

Adobe Rush

We stopped by the booths. We saw the gear. We talked to as many industry manufacturers as we could. Then, after the exhibit floor closed, we dived into long edit sessions. Our game plan was simple: Cover NAB as much as possible, and edit throughout the day and into the evenings. We turned to Adobe […]

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DEITY V.Lav microphone solves TRRS/TRS conflicts automatically and intelligently

DEITY V.Lav microphone solves TRRS/TRS conflicts automatically and intelligently 9

One of my most popular articles in ProVideo Coalition is TS/TRS/TRRS/TRRRS: Combating the misconnection epidemic from 2015. Often, producers and recordists have needed to understand —and acquire— an adapter to make a microphone which originally terminates as TRS to TRRS, or viceversa. Now, DEITY has released the US$50 V.Lav microphone which automatically and intelligently detects […]

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