NAB 2019: Chrosziel Lens Motor for Fujinon 18-55 and 50-135mm


I absolutely suck at a manual zoom moves on any lens/camera combination. When I shoot with cinema style lenses I need an option for a slow push in or out for my news or doc work. At NAB 2019 we ran into Chrosziel showing off a lens motor for the popular Fujinon MK 18-55mm T2.9 […]

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NAB 2019: AJA Ki Pro GO Multi-Channel H.264 Recorder/Player

NAB 2019: AJA Ki Pro GO Multi-Channel H.264 Recorder/Player 1

At NAB 2019 we stopped by the AJA Booth to talk about their newly announced Ki Pro GO. The Ki Pro GO is a portable multi-channel H.264 recorder and player offering up to 4-channels of simultaneous HD and SD recording to off the shelf USB drives with redundant recording capabilities. The AJA Ki Pro GO […]

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NAB 2019: P+S Technik TECHNOVISION CLASSIC 1.5X Lenses

P+S Technik

Sometimes, actually, quite often cinematography is about delivering an image with character and art. Lenses can help one achieve a unique look in-camera. P+S Technik has a series of Technovision Classic 1.5x lenses I found especially interesting. 1.5x anamorphic? Why not 2x? Give me a second and I will explain. 1.5x is a great anamorphic […]

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Zylia ZM-1 and a Windows tablet: easier 360-degree sound recording in the field

Zylia ZM-1 microphone now works with a Windows tablet for easier 360-degree recording

Zylia introduced a Windows tablet-compatible version of ZYLIA software, creating a lightweight and highly portable solution for capturing immersive audio in any environment. Zylia made the news recently, when the company presented at the Mobile World Congress 2019, a new approach to six degrees of freedom technology in VR/AR that aims to make it easier […]

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