NAB 2019: K-Tek Talks Boom Poles and why a K-Tek one makes your life easy.

K-Tek Boom Poles

As a camera operator, I am guilty of it. I bet you are guilty of it too. Do you know what “It” I’m talking about? Thinking about sound last. For me, the work is all about how it looks. Do the visuals match the story? And, I am wrong. We all know bad sound can […]

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NAB 2019: Bebob shows off their V-Mount Micro Batteries

NAB 2019: Bebob shows off their V-Mount Micro Batteries 2

Make no bones about it, digital cinema cameras have gotten smaller. From the Red Raven to the URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 to many more the size of these cameras have progressively gotten smaller and smaller. It is also time to have batteries sized to fit these cameras well instead of standing taller than a […]

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LTCsync, a timecode system that is simpler to use than a clapper

LTCsync, an open-source timecode system

Sound sync is a complex area in filming, and the clapper is still king. Now Ari Krupnik is designing a simple solution that mixes software with satellites, and he wants your feedback. Keep reading! The email I received sounded interesting. In it Ari Krupnik pointed to a previous piece of news I had written about […]

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