NAB 2019: The Versatile Caldwell Chameleon Anamorphic lenses

The Caldwell Chameleon Anamorphic lenses

OK, let’s talk about beer and how small breweries brew limited edition beers, small batches created following special recipes, that only a – lucky – few get to try. I don’t know why, but that’s what I imagined when I first heard about these lenses. Then there is the animal, popularly known for the ability […]

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NAB 2019: What’s in the CRLS C-Kit Drive from BB&S Lighting?

NAB 2019: What's in the CRLS C-Kit Drive from BB&S Lighting? 2

The CRLS (Cine Reflect Lighting System) was an original idea by Christian Berger 20 years ago in Austria. Christian is a world famous DP who has spent the next 20 years developing the technology and his gaffer Jakob Ballinger with the company The Light Bridge has made it into an easy to use, versatile gear. The […]

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NAB 2019: A Look at the Pipeline Reflect Series from BB&S Lighting

NAB 2019: A Look at the Pipeline Reflect Series from BB&S Lighting 4

Not long ago we showcased the new Pipeline Reflect System from BB&S Lighting, utilizing the same 95 TLCI (3200°K, 4300°K or 5600°K), accurate color rendering remote phosphor 1-inch/25mm diameter LED Pipes for which Pipeline is known. Available in 1’, 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’ and 8’ lengths Reflect housings are made of rigid, polished aluminum with […]

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NAB 2019: Area 48 Color LED RGBWW from BB&S Lighting

NAB 2019: Area 48 Color LED RGBWW from BB&S Lighting 6

The BB&S Area 48 Color has been designed to set a higher standard for dial-in, full-color as well as true white accuracy. With a similarly small footprint as standard Area 48s, the new version is the most compact full color LED panel unit on the market today. At NAB 2019, the PVC crew stopped by […]

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X-Rite announces a new ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 for better colour

X-Rite issues a new worldwide Passport for better colour

One advice from X-Rite: colour reference targets should be changed every 18-24 months. A good way to introduce the newest solution from the company, the ColorChecker Passport Photo 2. If you thought that only software had a subscription option, and that most other products would be yours for life, think again. X-Rite just told photographers […]

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NAB 2019: Wooden Camera’s Shoulder Rig V3, lighter on your shoulder

Wooden Camera

Presented as Wooden Camera’s most cost-effective and feature-rich Shoulder Rig yet, the new Shoulder Rig v3’s weight has been reduced by 10% for the Pro and 18% for the Base compared to Shoulder Rig v2 and the shoulder pad is now larger and more durable with an integrated kickstand for setting the rig down. The […]

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SymplyWORKSPACE: a solution for multi-user real-time video production

SymplyWORKSPACE: a solution for real-time video production

Symply debuted at NAB 2019 a new era of affordable high-speed multi-user media production storage with StorNext 6 powered Thunderbolt 3 solutions. Symply demoed at NAB 2019 and  announced availability of the highly anticipated SymplyWORKSPACE, the first SAN (Storage Area Network) using industry leading StorNext6 for high-speed collaboration over Thunderbolt3 based for up to eight […]

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NAB 2019: Neo Baltar Lenses by Vintage Lens Co.

Neo Baltars

This is one of the most exciting stories from NAB 2019, a real “blast from the past.” Caldwell Photographic and Vintage Lens Co. were at NAB 2019 to show off how they are resurrecting history with their Neo Baltar cinema lenses. Yes, the Bausch and Lomb’s original Baltar lenses were a mainstay of Hollywood’s […]

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NAB 2019: DoPchoice’s new SNAPGRID and SNAPBAG light accessories


DoPchoice had a series of products to show at NAB 2019, as part of a growing collection of solutions from the lighting accessory-maker. One of them was the Single Tube SNAPBAG, the slimmest softbox out there, is also on show, because tube-style LED lights are all the rage, and DoPchoice did want to have their […]

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SpiderMount 220, a vacuum cup system actively controlled by a brain

Spider Mount 220, a suction cup system with brain

Suction cups are an essential part of filmmaking, to rig cameras on the most strange places… like moving cars. The bad thing about suction cups is that they sometimes don’t hold in place very well… and that sucks! When the PVC team stopped to see the SpiderMount 220, there was a discovery to be made: […]

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