FXhome upgrades HitFilm Pro and introduces new VFX tools

FXhome upgrades HitFilm Pro with new VFX tools

Modeled from Video Copilot’s popular ‘Damage and Decay’ and ‘Cinematic Titles’ tutorials, the new VFX tool, Surface Studio, introduced with HitFilm v11.0 , is FXhome’s reply to customer requests. The roots of Surface Studio, FXhome’s new tool inside HitFilm Pro, go back to an effect present in the talented VideoCopilot’s tutorials: Damage & Decay VFX […]

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WDTV, DuMont Network and The 1948 FCC “Freeze”

WDTV, DuMont Network and The 1948 FCC "Freeze" 1

Television has been with us since July 1, 1941. That is the day commercial television began with the American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approving the first stations permitted to sell advertising. Of course, everything slowed down and in many cases came to a complete stop during World War II. It didn’t take long after the […]

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