NAB 2018: Sigma Shows Off 105mm f1.4 and 70mm Macro.


At NAB 2018 Sigma showed me their new 70mm macro lens and their new 105mm f1.4 which they are nicknaming “The Bokeh Monster.” Since last year was the year Sigma released their Cine Lens line-up NAB attendees were able to see and/or try Sigma’s entire Cine Lens selection. Additionally, Sigma had on hand their new […]

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NAB 2018: MEVO 4K Camera – Livestream Like A Pro


At NAB 2018: Vimeo came┬áto the convention to show off a new little camera called the MEVO which is capable of some very astonishing features when paired with their app. This is all about live video streaming in Full HD 1080p to supported platforms or record in stunning 4K to a Micro SD card. Think […]

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NAB 2018: The Sony VENICE Full-Frame Camera


At NAB 2018 I got an opportunity to talk to Sony about the Sony VENICE. The day before I, like many NAB attendees took a deep look at the camera to see what the image is like and what to expect out of Sony’s new Flagship camera. The Full-Frame Sensor and Wide-Range of Lens Options […]

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