The Electronic Side of Color Media

The Electronic Side of Color Media 1

In our previous installment, we looked at the history of color in film. Film color evolved over the years from hand painting directly on the film frames to various photochemical processes. At first glance, it would seem color video burst on the scene fully formed in December, 1953. That’s when the American Federal Communications Commission […]

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Atomos Shogun Studio now costs $2,495

Atomos Studio now costs $2,495

Perfectly suited for studio, live events and on-set broadcast environments, the Shogun Studio has become the go-to choice of many 4K and HD productions. Now its price is being reduced to just $2,495. Getting state-of-the-art 4K/HD rack-mounted recording and monitoring for the multi-camera studio or outside broadcast has never been more affordable. Atomos have announced […]

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360 video: next stop is the living room

360 video on TV: next stop is the living room

The adoption of 360 video as a window into the world of AR and VR seems to gain momentum. Image banks create 360 video sections, Vimeo opens a marketplace for 360 content, and Google announces plans to conquer the living room. Cinema and advertising have embraced the vertical format since 2013, but the industry is […]

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Art Of The Shot: Jody Eldred Emmy Award-Winning DOP and Director


In this version of the “Art of the Shot” I talk to Jody Eldred who is an Emmy award-winning Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Writer, and, DGA Award-nominated Director whose credits include JAG, NCIS, National Geographic, ABC Network News, and much more. Interestingly, Jody started his career outside of Hollywood. From shooting his church’s 11 AM worship […]

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