Light & Motion Announces Stella Light Kits For Video


Lights… actually easy to use lights can make your life as a run & gun shooter surprisingly, well, easier. Otherwise, if the lights are too cumbersome or temperamental then they stay on the truck. Lights left on the truck do not get used meaning you, the shooter, are making some sort of compromise. I don’t […]

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FX Console from Video Copilot for After Effects

FX Console from Video Copilot for After Effects 1

Free normally comes at a price, as funny as that sounds.  Normally when you see something that’s free, your first thought is….”Okay, what’s wrong with it?”, meaning that it could very well be only part of a product, and the full version will give you the full set of tools you need to do the […]

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Ty Evans: from skateboarding to filmmaking

Ty Evans: from skateboarding to filmaking

Ty Evans is a cinematographer/director known for pushing the boundaries of action sports filmmaking. On this video he reflects on how the principles of skateboarding shaped his approach to filmmaking. The founder of Ghost Digital Cinema made a name for himself as a pioneer who incorporated high production value in skateboarding videos. Ty Evans ultimately […]

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Blackmagic 4K Video Assist Review

4K Video Assist

I’ll make this quick. The Blackmagic 4K Video Assist is damn useful for URSA Mini shooters if only for one feature and one feature only, False Color. Yes, the URSA Mini, 4K or 4.6K, has a false color setting for the LCD and EVF, but to be able to see both the False Color setting […]

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Kissing Gate Films: wedding video secrets

Wedding video: best secrets and support

Part of the magic of the wedding videos created by Kissing Gate Films is due to one thing: they rather spend time getting one amazing shot than ten average shots. The results are… well you can check them right away. We’re very distant from the crude videotapes wedding photographers created when the interest for moving […]

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