Developing An Awareness of Color

Developing An Awareness of Color 1

Color awareness came slowly to me, but now I can’t escape it. Read on, and follow me down the rabbit hole. This article started out as an analysis of how different cameras see color, but evolved into something more. First I’m going to talk about color perception and the basics of learning how to see […]

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New light kits from Ikan

New Light Kits from Ikan

If you need lighting for our sets, explore the new light kits from Ikan, which offer more options and an almost infinite number of combinations, with the addition of the new products extending the current 2-point and 3-point lighting kits. According to Ikan, “the combo lighting kit offers you more versatility because you can mix […]

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ART OF THE CUT with the editing team of “Star Trek Beyond”

ART OF THE CUT with the editing team of "Star Trek Beyond" 2

This Art of the Cut we chat with three of the four editors who cut “Star Trek Beyond.” Steven Sprung, ACE is an Emmy®-nominated editor whose credits include the HBO series “Entourage,” NBC’s “Community” and “Arrested Development.” Kelly Matsumoto previously collaborated with director Justin Lin on Fast & Furious 6. Her other film credits include […]

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