Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – BCC Pan & Zoom

Let's Edit with Media Composer - ADVANCED - BCC Pan & Zoom 1

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe steps up his Pan & Zoom game by looking at BCC’s Pan & Zoom effect, which is a major step up from the Avid Pan & Zoom effect in Media Composer. With the ability to auto-animate your Pan & Zooms, add vignettes, and utilize 3D rotations (to name a […]

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Comparing wireless audio mixer’s specs: Behringer/Midas & Mackie

Comparing wireless audio mixer's specs: Behringer/Midas & Mackie 2

Thanks to two colleagues, I have become aware of inexpensive wireless audio mixer offerings from Behringer/Midas & Mackie. Alex Lindsay told me about the former, and Melvin Rivera Velázquez the latter. Both offerings eliminate nearly all onboard controls in favor of controlling remotely from an Android or iOS device, and one also allows controlling from […]

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