Burbank, 17 May: HDR Seminar @ AbelCine

HDR Seminar hero image

[Update Tuesday morning: sold out; no more spaces left.] HDR involves fundamental changes in how we think about exposing, grading, and delivering images, yet we’re still in the dark about best practices and practical considerations. AbelCine in Burbank will shed some light on the topic Tuesday, as will Deluxe in NYC on Wednesday. Tuesday, 17 May at 6:30pm in Burbank CA, AbelCine […]

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The best REAL DSLRs for video in 2016

best real DSLRS for video 2016

Some say it was by mistake, but the truth is that Canon created the trend of using DSLRs for video. The launch of the EOS 5D MK II, in 2008, changed the landscape and allowed more and more people to start exploring with moving images. In 2016, the list of DSLRs able to shoot video […]

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