DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter for Indie Filmmakers

DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter for Indie Filmmakers 1

Since DJI first announced the release of the new Phantom 4 quadcopter, there have been a limited number available to really get some testing done and show some results of the improved camera and features. Fortunately, DJI has finally allowed resellers to start taking orders for an April 1 delivery and the guys at Multicopter […]

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Backup application Hedge for Mac now available. Discount for PVC readers.

Backup application Hedge for Mac now available. Discount for PVC readers. 2

3-24-16 Update: Pricing has changed for Hedge for Mac as it is now offered without a subscription model. There is a launch price of $59 ($99 after the launch period ends) but the discount for PVC readers gets an additional $10 off, follow the link at the top of page. Recently film and video editor and […]

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4.6K URSA Mini Compared To Arri Alexa

Arri Alexa Wide

With the Blackmagic 4.6K URSA Mini now shipping we are getting a great preview of what to expect out of the camera. In step John Brawley, an Australian Director of Photographer who often uses Blackmagic Cameras, happened to have uploaded a handful of raw footage for everyone to see. He also compared the 4.6K Blackmagic […]

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Jim Brandenburg: a photographer’s secret videos

jim brandenburg

Although mostly known as a photographer, Jim Brandenburg has his name associated with movie and TV work, which includes filming with NHK in Japan, National Geographic Television Specials and the BBC television series “Life.” But the videos he captured for over a decade are something else, a secret only recently revealed. Known for his work […]

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Ang Lee at The Future of Cinema Conference

Ang Lee

The first major motion picture release to have been captured in 120 frames-per-second 3D at 4K resolution and in High Dynamic Range, Ang Lee’s “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”, will be used as the starting point for a discussion centered on Lee’s vision for cinema and the creative opportunities for the future of filmmaking. Lee […]

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