122 Slides on the Sony PXW-FS7

122 Slides on the Sony PXW-FS7 1

The Sony PXW-FS7 “Vérité”, being announced at IBC as I post this, is a large-single-sensor camera aimed specifically at shoulder-mounted run’n’gun work: things like documentary shooting, news, direct cinema, and (shudder) “reality TV”.  It has a compact body, an innovative “SmartGrip” on a positionable arm, and a big LCD/EVF on a flexible mounting system, all […]

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ProMAX Launches New Platform Series 4 Workflow Servers

ProMAX Systems, the manufacturer of Platform workflow servers, high-performance ONE workstations and Cache-A archival appliances, has released the ProMAX Platform Series 4, its latest and most advanced workflow servers for video professionals.  The new Series 4 servers include powerful asset management features as well as a built in transcoding engine and an elegant new web […]

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PVC at IBC 2014 – Welcome to Amsterdam

PVC at IBC 2014 - Welcome to Amsterdam 131

IBC bills itself as the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. Since it attracts over 50,000 attendees from more than 170 countries, it’s hard to argue with that assessment. The show allows these attendees to check out state of the art electronic media technology, […]

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