Nikon Df field report


When the Nikon Df was announced late last year, people took notice.  A vintage styled camera with a modern sensor under the hood.  Pretty cool. But some photographers were skeptical about the retro styling and performance of the camera.  I've been shooting a Df for a couple of months now; thousands of images on assignments […]

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Discover How Lars von Trier’s Films Ravish and Revolt Audiences Across the World

Discover How Lars von Trier's Films Ravish and Revolt Audiences Across the World 2

Peter Hjorth is a long time collaborator of the most interesting Scandinavian directors and Lars von Trier in particular. Peter serves as 2nd unit director, visual effects supervisor and/or post production wizard on all kinds of special projects. Other collaborators include Thomas Vinterberg, Lone Scherfig, Hans Petter Moland and Academy Award winners Susanne Bier and […]

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