Ríchard Izarra covers my book launch with his Canon XA20


Last night, Ríchard Izarra of PRODU quite unexpectedly materialized in Miami to cover my dual book launch (The Castilian Conspiracy and La conspiración del castellano) with his Canon XA20 camera, which he received recently. Ahead you’ll see a 1:53 (under 2-minute) video package which he edited and published with FCP X early this morning, before […]

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Mechanical Television

Mechanical Television 10

Mechanical television.  Does that mean motors, pulleys, gears and other moving parts?  Why, yes.  It does.  Long before television as we know it today, even before television’s commercial beginnings as some of us remember it, and even before that, just as radio was beginning, there were talented people experimenting with mechanical contraptions to send pictures […]

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