DAM Building Blocks


The simple promise of any Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is that it makes it easier to find and use the assets (digital files) you have in your collection. In order to fulfill that promise however, you will need more than just a software solution. A well developed DAM system is just that, a “system.” […]

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After Effects CS6 Studio Techniques: latest edition for aspiring and existing VFX professionals


After Effects Studio Techniques is unique from other books on After Effects in a couple of specific ways.It is a VFX compositing book, designed to teach you the art of making a single shot believable although it is made up of disparate elements. It is also uniquely focused on intermediate and advanced usage; from Chapter […]

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Webinars in December: Allan T©pper will present 3 different topics live


The first week of December 2012, Allan T©pper will be presenting 3 different topics live on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The presentations will be on December 3rd, 5th, and 7th, and will be available at 11 am in English and at 1 pm in Castilian (aka “Spanish”) (both USA Eastern Time). On December 3rd, […]

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