ASSIMILATE SCRATCH first out of the gate with RED Epic HDRx support


ASSIMILATE sent a press release describing new support for footage from RED Epic at full 5k, including the new HDRx format that unlocks the dynamic range that is the signature of that camera. This presents a professional finishing tool as an alternative to RED’s own software, which may unlock more possibilities to, for example, keyframe […]

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NaNny fixes over-brights turned black


Fnord Software has a new free plug-in, NaNny, that fixes over-bright pixels turned black in OpenEXR, TIFF, and other float files inside After Effects. Float space is a strange place, where bugs can result in NaN (Not a Number), inf (infinity), and negative pixel values that can wreck havoc with image processing. Pictured here is the sample EXR with […]

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Where I’ll Be at NAB

Where I'll Be at NAB 4

I’m constantly amazed at how many readers I have, and if you’d like to amaze me more by stopping by and saying hi I’ll be in the DSC Labs booth (C10215, near Band Pro, Tiffen and Abel Cine) on Monday and Tuesday, with shorter appearances Wednesday and Thursday as I’ll be wandering around a bit […]

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